Your IT is essential to the operation of your business. Whether you are a legal firm or hair salon, you will rely on technology in some way. If you’re considering outsourcing your IT support, this article will help you understand the benefits.

Why Outsource Your IT Support


Firstly, and most importantly, you get a better level of IT expertise. When businesses outsource, the IT company likely to be chosen will have engineers that are qualified and experienced within the IT industry. Small businesses will benefit from this especially, as they may not have the resources to hire dedicated IT staff. This means that they end up using a person with some IT experience from their existing staff. Outsourcing has the added benefit of keeping the business’s staff focused on their primary role.

Also, when working in a small business environment it is common for there to be a varying workflow. Some days there will be very little work for a dedicated IT person, making it difficult to justify having dedicated in-house IT support.

Outsourcing reduces IT costs

By employing an outsourced IT company, businesses save a lot of money on staffing costs. Being able to resource IT staff from an external supplier, saves on the overheads of employment, training and staff benefits.

They also get access to the latest technology in the industry as the IT company researches and selects for them. Additionally, IT systems for maintaining networks and computers come at a reduced cost. This is because the outsourced company are able to spread the, sometimes significant, costs across a number of different businesses.

Improved service/ Lowered Risk

In-house teams are often reactive rather than proactive. An outsourced team will monitor your network round the clock, which allows the prevention of problems before they arise. This lets a business provide services unhindered by delays caused by IT issues, this links to last month’s blog on downtime. There is peace of mind for a business knowing that things are being taken care of and worked on without it affecting productivity or you personally as a business owner or member of staff.

Productivity Increase

When staff are no longer distracted by issues not relevant to their job, their overall productivity for the business will increase, as well as reducing distractions and frustrations. The fact that a business can have consistency with its products, services and client interaction, allows a business to improve its reputation and be considered reliable by its clients.

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