Our Story


Silverchart Systems was founded in August 1996. We are based in Sherston in Wiltshire, centrally located to cover Bristol, Bath and Swindon and all areas between. Our story is an interesting one.

Rob started out helping people with their IT for over 10 years in a corporate environment. He saw how inaccessible the help was for small businesses and private individuals. Costs for support were out of the reach of most people and businesses. So he decided to help that community with their IT issues by making an affordable service available to everyone. Initially providing a staffing resource to businesses, over time more people started asking for help and Silverchart Systems grew.

Every day is different, whilst problems appear to be similar, there are a myriad of reasons why issues occur. The satisfaction of knowing how happy people are that the problem has gone away gives that special lift. We are growing the business over the next few years to employ more people and help a wider range of clients.



Who are we?

We are a family business at the core, Rob and Lisa Johnson running the main technical and back-office activities. Recently Alex Johnson has come on board to assist in the growing number of activities across marketing and operations.

Over the years, carefully selected sub-contractors have helped out during larger projects and contracts, some of them for 15+ years.

We are always looking for inspiration from business and leadership books and have felt most aligned with Richard Branson in his attitudes to running a business whilst having fun.

What we do

In terms of achievements, the company has been in existence for 27 years, starting out when Rob was only 29 years old is, in itself, a huge achievement stepping away from the ease and comfort of employment. Over those years the business has helped hundreds of people and businesses ride the choppy waters of failing IT. Over the 27 years there has always been a need to be “on call” to issues that may arise. Leisure time and holidays have always been short and mixed with daily office contact to communicate with clients and make decisions or diagnose problems.

We solve the daily headache that business and individuals face getting IT to work correctly. We do it quickly and with as little disruption as possible to ensure that interruption is kept to a minimum. The IT industry is a complex and ever-changing set of technologies that are very good at appearing easy to work with, but their complexities mean that issues quickly spiral into potential disasters if tackled by people without IT technical backgrounds.

What challenges have we faced?

When the company was founded, our biggest issue was getting our name known and since then it has been overcoming the misnomer created by the industry of IT being easy and client’s expectations that support is something that they don’t need to invest in. The business has been going for long enough that we have been through three recessions and the foot and mouth epidemic in 2001. But we are still fighting fit and determined to assist people with their issues.

People are busy and we understand that! You don’t need the stress of having to deal with issues that distract you from what you should be doing. That’s why we take one of the major stresses of your working life away by providing solutions to technical problems that either you don’t have the expertise to solve, or take up time and therefore means that you can’t focus on your work making you less productive.

Our story is who we are and will continue to change as we help more people!

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